List Of Business To Avoid For E2 Visa Investment

Investing in the wrong business for an E2 visa can lead to business failure and risk your E2 visa renewal. Learn which business to avoid and how we can help you select the right franchise.

Why is it important to select the right business for an E2 visa?

The Driving Factors

The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to come to the United States to invest in and operate a business. This visa is designed to encourage foreign investment in the U.S. economy and create jobs for American workers. However, not all businesses are eligible for this visa, and selecting the wrong business can lead to rejection of the application and failure to apply for E2 visa renewal.

Selecting a suitable business for an E2 visa application is crucial, as it can mean the difference between a successful or failed application. A suitable business must meet certain criteria, such as having the potential for significant economic impact, being capable of generating enough income to support the investor and their family, and being compatible with the investor’s skills and experience.

Nail salon as one of the business to avoid for e2 visa investment

What business to avoid for E2 visa investment?

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List Of Business To Avoid

While the E2 visa allows foreign investors to operate a business in the United States, there are certain businesses that are not suitable for investment under this visa category. These businesses are typically not approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and may result in the rejection of the visa application.

Business to avoid for E2 visa investment include those that are not likely to generate enough revenue to support the investor and their family or those that may be considered a marginal business. Marginal businesses are those that do not have the potential to create significant economic impacts, such as businesses that rely heavily on low-wage labor or those that operate in a niche market.

Other business to avoid for E2 visa investment are those that require specialized skills or experience that the investor does not possess or those that are deemed too risky by the USCIS. For example, liquor stores and gas stations are commonly listed as business to avoid, as they may not meet the criteria for significant economic impact and may not generate enough income to support the investor and their family.

It is essential for investors to carefully research and evaluate potential businesses before investing in them under the E2 visa category. As an alternative, investing in a franchise may be a better option, as franchisors often provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and established brand recognition that can increase the chances of a successful E2 visa application. Here is a list of business to avoid for your investment:

  1. Beauty salons and spas: These businesses can be expensive to operate due to high overhead costs, including rent, supplies, and staffing. They are also heavily reliant on discretionary spending and may be affected by economic downturns.

  2. High-end restaurants: These businesses may struggle during a recession as people tend to reduce their discretionary spending and may choose to cook at home instead. Also, they can be costly to operate, with high overhead costs and significant competition in the market.

  3. Luxury retail stores: Similar to high-end restaurants, luxury retail stores may struggle during a recession as people cut back on non-essential spending. These businesses often require significant capital investments and have high overhead costs.

  4. Nightclubs and bars: These businesses can be heavily regulated and may face significant competition. These businesses may also struggle during a recession as people tend to reduce their spending on entertainment and nightlife.

  5. Travel agencies: These businesses can be heavily reliant on commission-based sales and may face significant competition from online booking platforms. In times of economic uncertainty, people may cut back on travel, which can negatively impact travel agencies.

  6. Printing and publishing businesses: With the rise of digital media, printing and publishing businesses may struggle to remain competitive, especially during a recession. They also have high overhead costs and may be vulnerable to economic downturns.

  7. Movie theaters: Similar to nightclubs and bars, movie theaters may struggle during a recession as people cut back on entertainment spending. These businesses can be heavily impacted by the shift towards streaming services and the decline of traditional movie-going experiences.

  8. Dollar stores or discount retail shops: These types of businesses are typically low-cost and low-margin, which can make it difficult to generate significant profits. Additionally, they often sell products that are easily available online, which can lead to increased competition and decreased sales.

  9. Car washes or other businesses with low-profit margins: Car washes and other businesses with low-profit margins can be challenging to make profitable due to high operating costs, such as water and cleaning supplies. Additionally, they often require a high volume of sales to make up for low-profit margins.

  10. Convenience stores or gas stations: While convenience stores and gas stations can be profitable, they often require long hours and high overhead costs. Additionally, these types of businesses are subject to fluctuating fuel prices, which can negatively impact profits.

  11. Businesses that require specialized skills or experience, such as medical practices, law firms, or accounting firms: These businesses can be challenging for E2 visa applicants as they require specific qualifications and licenses to operate. Moreover, the business owner might have to go through additional certifications and training to meet the regulatory requirements of the state. It can be time-consuming and costly for E2 visa holders to meet these qualifications, which can impact their ability to run the business successfully.

  12. Home-based businesses or online businesses with limited physical presence: While these businesses might seem attractive for E2 visa holders, they can be challenging to run from a legal perspective. Home-based businesses require special permits and zoning approvals from the local authorities, which can be time-consuming and costly. Online businesses require a physical address to register for taxes and licenses, which might not be available to E2 visa holders.

  13. Specialty businesses such as tattoo parlors, vape shops, or adult entertainment establishments: These businesses may have limited appeal to a broad customer base and may be subject to significant regulatory and legal challenges. They may also be subject to social stigma, which can limit their appeal and potential for growth. Additionally, some of these businesses may require specialized skills or knowledge, which can make them challenging to operate without significant investment in training or personnel.

  14. Barbershop: While it may seem like a profitable business, it typically operates on a low-profit margin, especially if it is a small independent shop. In addition, many barbershops rely heavily on low-wage labor, which may not meet the E2 visa requirement for job creation and economic growth. Therefore, investing in a barbershop as a means to qualify for an E2 visa may not be the best option.

You Don't Know Which Business To Go For Your E-2 Visa?

Criteria To Select The Right E2 Visa Business

Examples Of E2 Visa Thriving Businesses

Selecting a suitable business for an E2 visa application can be a tough task, as it requires careful evaluation of the business’s potential for significant economic impact, its capacity to generate sufficient income, and its compatibility with the investor’s skills and experience. Here are some criteria to consider when selecting a business for E2 visa investment:

  1. Potential for Significant Economic Impact: A suitable business should have the potential to create jobs for American workers, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to the local economy. The USCIS may consider factors such as the business’s size, location, industry trends, and competition when evaluating the potential for significant economic impact.

  2. Capacity to Generate Income: The business should be capable of generating enough income to support the investor and their family. This may involve conducting market research, evaluating the business’s financial projections, and assessing the potential for growth and expansion.

  3. Compatibility with Investor’s Skills and Experience: The business should align with the investor’s skills, experience, and interests. This can increase the investor’s chances of success and enable them to effectively manage and grow the business.

  4. Viability of Business Model: The business should have a viable and sustainable business model that can withstand economic downturns and changing market conditions. This may involve evaluating the business’s management team, marketing strategy, and competitive advantages.

By carefully evaluating potential businesses against these criteria, investors can increase their chances of selecting a suitable business for E2 visa investment and allow them to invest confidently in the USA despite the market instability.

Here are some examples of businesses that meet these criteria:

  1. Property management: Property management businesses are a great investment for E2 visa holders because they provide essential services to property owners, such as leasing, maintenance, and accounting. These businesses are relatively low-risk and have a steady cash flow, making them an attractive option for investors.

  2. Vacation rental: Vacation rental businesses are another great option for E2 visa holders as they offer a way to capitalize on the growing demand for short-term rental properties. With the increasing popularity of online booking platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo, investors can generate a steady stream of income from their vacation rental properties.

  3. House painting: House painting businesses can be a lucrative investment opportunity for E2 visa holders. These businesses typically have low overhead costs, and demand for their services can be steady year-round. Additionally, house painting businesses can offer a variety of services, such as interior and exterior painting, deck staining, and power washing.

  4. Food franchises: Restaurants, fast-food chains, and cafes are popular options for E2 visa investors as they tend to have a steady customer base and are in demand regardless of economic conditions.

  5. Health and fitness franchises: As people become increasingly health-conscious, investing in a gym or fitness center franchise may be a good option.

  6. Childcare franchises: With more parents working outside the home, there is a growing need for reliable and high-quality childcare services.

  7. Tutoring franchises: With the increasing demand for education and training, investing in an education franchise like Mathnasium or Sylvan Learning Center may be a viable option for E-2 visa investors.

  8. Pet-related franchises: As pet ownership continues to rise, investing in a pet-related franchise can be a good option for E2 visa investors.

  9. Retail franchises: Retail franchises can provide a steady income stream and are typically recession-resistant.

  10. Cleaning and maintenance franchises: Investing in a cleaning or maintenance franchise is a good option for E2 visa investors as these services are in demand regardless of economic conditions.

  11. Home improvement: Home improvement businesses, such as remodeling or renovation services, are great options for E2 visa investments. These types of businesses are in high demand, especially in areas with older homes that require upgrades or repairs. With the housing market continually growing, a home improvement business has the potential for significant growth and profitability. Additionally, this type of business does not require specialized skills or experience, making it a more accessible investment option.

  12. Senior care: As the baby boomer generation ages, the demand for senior care services has increased dramatically. Investing in a senior care business, such as an assisted living facility or home healthcare service, is a great opportunity for E2 visa applicants. This industry is projected to continue growing in the coming years, making it a lucrative investment option. Additionally, senior care services typically have high-profit margins and provide essential services to the community.

These businesses typically have a proven business model, established brand recognition, and growing market demand, making them attractive options for E2 visa investment. At, we specialize in helping investors evaluate potential franchises and select a suitable business that meets their needs and investment budget.

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Why investing in a franchise the best option?

E2 Visa Franchises

Benefits Of Investing In A Franchise For E2 Visa Application

Investing in a franchise is a smart choice for foreign investors seeking an E2 visa, as it offers several advantages over starting a business from scratch. Franchises typically have an established business model, proven track record, and recognized brand name, which can increase the chances of a successful E2 visa application. Here are some benefits of investing in a franchise for E2 visa application:

  1. Established Brand Recognition:¬†Franchises have a recognized brand name and marketing system, which can increase the chances of success and attract customers more quickly. The franchisor provides ongoing support, training, and marketing materials to ensure the franchisee’s success.

  2. Support from Franchisor: Franchisors typically provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to their franchisees, including assistance with site selection, lease negotiations, marketing, and operations. This can make it easier for investors to navigate the complexities of the U.S. business environment and comply with E2 visa regulations.

  3. Access to Proven Business Model: Franchise businesses have a proven business model that has been tested and refined over time. This can reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of generating revenue and profits quickly.

  4. Easier to Secure Financing: Investing in a franchise may be easier to finance than starting a new business from scratch, as lenders are often more willing to lend money to franchisees who are investing in a proven business model.

At, we understand the complexities of the E2 visa application process and the importance of selecting a suitable business for investment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive consulting service to assist investors in selecting the right franchise for their E2 visa application.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to understand your specific investment goals, financial requirements, and personal preferences. We will conduct in-depth research and analysis of various franchises that fit your criteria and provide you with a shortlist of suitable options.

Using a consulting service like ours can provide many benefits. Firstly, it can save you time and effort in researching and evaluating different franchises. Our team has already done the groundwork and has access to a wide range of franchise opportunities that may not be readily available to the public.

Secondly, our team has the expertise and knowledge to assess the suitability of different franchises for the E2 visa application. We can help you determine whether a franchise meets the requirements for investment and provide guidance on the application process.

Lastly, we have a proven track record of success in helping our clients secure E2 visas through franchise investments. We have worked with numerous clients from different backgrounds and industries and have helped them achieve their investment and immigration goals.

Selecting a suitable business for an E2 visa application is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome. It’s important to know business to avoid and focus on businesses that meet the criteria for E2 visa investment and have the ability to withstand market instability.

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned entrepreneur, our team of experts can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth and successful E2 visa application. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business and immigration goals.

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