E2 Visa Premium Processing Cost

How much does E2 visa premium processing cost?

USD 2,500 for 15 days of premium processing.

For individuals seeking to obtain an E2 visa, expediency in the application process can be crucial. One option available is E2 visa premium processing, which offers faster processing times for an additional fee.

The cost breakdown for an E2 visa for investors present in the USA includes a Form I-129 fee of $460 (with an additional Form I-539 fee of $370 per dependent). For premium processing, which offers a faster 15-day processing time, there is an additional fee of $2,500. For investors applying from their home country, the cost is $205 per DS-160 form.

This fast-tracked timeline can be particularly beneficial if you have time-sensitive business opportunities, impending travel plans, or a need for swift decision-making. Weigh the costs, benefits, and alternatives to determine if premium processing aligns with your needs. Remember to make an informed decision that optimizes your chances of obtaining an E2 visa efficiently. Consult for free today.

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