What is E-2 premium processing?

E-2 Visa Premium Processing: Everything You Need to Know

E-2 premium processing is an optional service provided by the USCIS that expedites the processing of E-2 visa applications.

With premium processing, USCIS will review the application within 15 calendar days of receipt and provide a response of approval, denial, or a request for additional evidence. This service requires an additional fee, but it can be beneficial for those who need a quick decision on their E-2 visa application.

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How much does E-2 premium processing cost?

The fee for E-2 premium processing is $2.500.

The fee is in addition to the standard E-2 visa application fee. It is non-refundable, even if the application is ultimately denied. However, based on our experience, getting an E-2 premium processing helps to increase your chance of securing the visa. However, E-2 premium processing is only available for the E-2 main holder, while spouses and children under E-2 visa dependent are not eligible to apply for premium processing. Consult today to make the right decision for your E-2 visa application. 

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