E2 Visa Approvals Data & Statistics (2024)

We compile E2 Visa approvals rate and trends all over the world from America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East from 2018 to 2021

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Why E2 visa is a popular choice?

The Most Sought-After USA Investor Visa

The E2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that offers citizens of treaty countries the to live and build their business in the USA under an investor visa. The E2 is the popular choice for foreign investors because of its faster processing than other visas, lower investment, and big benefits. An E2 visa offers great advantages such as no travel restriction, unlimited renewals, and the ability to bring your family and children to the USA under E2 dependent visa.

Historically the E2 visa issued has steadily increased over the past decade, and the growing popularity is expected to increase, especially after the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the number of E2 visas issued in recent years. While the number of visas issued in 2020 was still relatively high, it was lower than in previous years due to travel restrictions and other pandemic-related measures.

The number of E2 visas issued each year provides a useful measure of the popularity of the E2 visa and the level of interest among foreign entrepreneurs in starting businesses in the United States. Whether you want to purchase a business or franchise, the E2 visa provides a pathway to success for foreign entrepreneurs. The number of visas issued annually highlights the growing demand for this type of visa.

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What is the E2 visa success rate?

E2 Visa Approvals and Denials

The E2 visa application shows its increasing popularity, and the E2 success rate in different years has steadily increased. Here is the number of E2 visas issued and rejected over the past 5 years:

YearsIssuedRejectedTotal ApplicationSuccess Rate

The number of E2 denials has decreased, and the success rate is continuously growing.

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The E2 Visa Approvals and Growth Rate in America

What is the E2 visa approvals data in Canada?

The visa approval in North and South America is also increasing throughout the years. Canada is one of the big contributors to the E2 visa growth, and the number of visa approval at the US consulate in Toronto hit 4,244 in 2019 before the pandemic hit. Mexico is also one of the big contributors to the E2 growth, and it issued 2,044 visas in 2021.

Trinidad & Tobago1834182-89%

E2 Visa Approved At The US Consulate in Asia

Number of E2 Visa Application Approval Growth Rate

E2 Visa is also popular in Asia, with Japan as the number one contributor to the overall E2 visa growth in Asia; despite the setback in 2020, Japan’s E2 visa issued in 2021 hit 15,830, the highest it has ever been with 18% growth rate since the past 4 years. The second country is South Korea, with the highest growth rate of 50% throughout the 4 years. Coming third is Pakistan, with a 28% growth rate, and we are expecting more growth throughout this year. In the upcoming years, the demand for investor visas for Pakistani citizens will continue to rise.

South Korea2,3612,5541,9733,54150%
Sri Lanka4228920-52%

E2 Visa Approval At The US Consulate in Europe

Number of E2 Visa Issuances

During the pandemic, the European treaty countries’ E2 visa applications have not bounced back yet. However, two countries, Austria and Czech Republic, show a positive growth rate. Austria with 24% and the Czech Republic with 48%. But overall, France and Germany are two of the biggest applicants in Europe, and we believe they will continue to be primary sources of E2 from Europe.

Czech Republic751365211148%
Great Britain & Northern Ireland2,7403,2531,275632-77%

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The Middle East E2 Visa Approval

Growth Rate of E2 in The Middle East

Turkey is a big part of E2 Visa growth in The Middle East and is the region’s biggest applicant for E2. However, during the pandemic, the number has not bounced back yet, and with the Amigos Act issued, we are unsure whether Turkey can pick up the numbers. Conversely, Israel has been showing strong growth, with 334% even during the pandemic.


What are the eligible treaty countries for E2 visas?

E2 Visa Treaty Country List

A treaty country is a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation with certain countries. Here are the updated treaty countries lists for E2 Visa.

List of E2 Visa Eligible Treaty Countries and Visa Length

E2 Visa Investment Opportunities

Foreign entrepreneurs who choose to apply for the E2 visa have a wide range of investment opportunities available to them. Understanding the potential profitability and growth prospects of these industries can help aspiring E2 visa applicants make informed decisions about their investment ventures. Here are some common investment opportunities pursued under the E2 visa:

Technology Startups

Investing in technology startups has become increasingly popular among E2 visa applicants. The United States is renowned for its thriving tech ecosystem, which provides ample opportunities for innovation and growth. Entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas and the ability to disrupt existing industries can find success in this dynamic and ever-evolving sector. The technology industry offers immense potential for scalability, attracting foreign investors looking to make significant long-term investments.


Franchising is another avenue that foreign entrepreneurs explore under the E2 visa program. Investing in a franchise allows individuals to tap into an established business model with a proven track record. Franchises offer a sense of security and support as they often provide comprehensive training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational guidance. By selecting a franchise with a strong brand presence and a well-defined customer base, E2 visa investors can increase their chances of success.

Real Estate Development

The E2 visa presents opportunities for foreign investors interested in the booming real estate market in the United States. Investing in real estate development projects, such as residential or commercial properties, can yield substantial returns over time. It is essential to conduct thorough market research and identify regions or cities with high demand and growth potential. Engaging with experienced real estate professionals and understanding local regulations are key to successful real estate investments under the E2 visa.


The manufacturing sector offers attractive investment prospects for E2 visa applicants. With the United States being a global manufacturing hub, foreign entrepreneurs can establish manufacturing operations and contribute to the country’s industrial growth. Selecting a niche within the manufacturing industry, such as advanced machinery, electronics, or medical equipment, can be particularly rewarding. Assessing the competitive landscape, cost-effectiveness, and potential market demand are crucial considerations for success in this sector.

Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses are a broad category that encompasses a wide range of industries. Examples include consulting firms, hospitality ventures, healthcare services, educational institutions, and professional services. Investing in service-based businesses can provide stability and long-term profitability, especially in sectors with high demand and limited local competition. Identifying niche markets or untapped service offerings can give E2 visa investors a competitive edge.

Tips for E2 Visa Success

Achieving success in obtaining an E2 visa requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Here are some practical tips and advice to increase the chances of E2 visa approval:

Prepare a Strong Business Plan

Crafting a comprehensive and well-structured business plan is vital for E2 visa success. It should outline your investment goals, the nature of your business, market analysis, financial projections, and job creation plans. A solid business plan demonstrates your commitment, preparedness, and understanding of the investment opportunity.

Conduct Thorough Market Research

Conducting thorough market research helps you understand the viability of your business concept and the competitive landscape. Analyze market trends, target audience demographics, consumer preferences, and potential challenges you may encounter. A deep understanding of the market will enable you to position your business strategically and demonstrate its potential for growth.

Build a Robust Investment Case

Building a strong investment case involves presenting a compelling argument for why your investment will benefit the U.S. economy. Emphasize job creation, economic impact, technology transfer, or other positive contributions your business can make. Highlight the unique aspects of your venture and articulate how it aligns with the goals and priorities of the E2 visa program.

Address Potential Concerns or Weaknesses

Anticipate and address any potential concerns or weaknesses in your E2 visa application. It is crucial to provide clear explanations or mitigation strategies for any perceived risks. Addressing concerns head-on demonstrates your ability to navigate challenges and strengthens your application.

Seek Professional Guidance

Engaging the services of an experienced immigration attorney or consultant can greatly increase your chances of E2 visa approval. They can guide you through the application process, help you navigate complex legal requirements, and ensure that all necessary documentation is properly prepared and submitted.

By following these tips and investing time and effort into preparation, E2 visa applicants can enhance their prospects of securing approval and pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions in the United States.

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