Businesses That Are Best For E2 Visa In 2024

Types Of Businesses That Are Best For E2 Visa

It goes without saying that the best fit is most likely a business within your field of expertise. While there are no “best” businesses to start on the E2 visa (after all, it all depends on you!), certain factors can lead to a successful venture. These factors include viability and profitability, scalability for long-term success, sustainable market demand, uniqueness and innovation, and alignment with your skills, experience, or expertise.

To give you an idea of what types of businesses best for E2 visa that you can pursue, here is a list of business opportunities you can explore:

1. Franchises

Franchises are one of the best for E2 visa, and have already established business models, brand awareness, and products or services that existing customers trust. Moreover, a franchise is perfect for a beginner entrepreneur as it typically includes ongoing support from the franchisor. This type of venture cuts out a significant amount of guesswork and largely benefits from existing networks, like trusted suppliers, loyal customers, and other franchisees. Some franchises to consider that are best for E2 visa are:

  • Kiosks in shopping centers

  • Coffee shops or cafes

  • Restaurants or fast-casual diners

  • Bakeries

  • Convenience stores or groceries

  • Cleaning services

  • Fitness centers or gyms

Consulting Businesses

    1. Compared to starting a brick-and-mortar business, consulting businesses have lower start-up costs since it typically has lower overhead costs and does not involve having physical products, thus bypassing logistical, sourcing, manufacturing, and other complex challenges. Moreover, entrepreneurs with specialized expertise can leverage their unique skills and knowledge by offering valuable consulting services to individuals or businesses in various industries. Some consulting businesses that are best for E2 visa to consider are but are not limited to:

  • IT consulting

  • Business and management consulting

  • Financial consulting

  • Human resource consulting

  • Executive coaching

3. Business Acquisition

You can also purchase an existing business. Similar to purchasing a franchise, buying an existing business has many benefits. It is already operating and generating income, with an existing financial history that helps with projections and determining investment costs more accurately. It likely already has a loyal customer base and established brand recognition. You can acquire any business you want, but looking for one that fits your expertise and experience is recommended to ensure long-term success.

These are just a short list of possible business opportunities that are best for E2 visa. The truth is, it is endless! You can purchase an existing business, buy a franchise, or start a company.

At, we specialize in finding the perfect franchise tailored to your requirements. Purchasing a franchise can mitigate the complexities of venturing into unfamiliar markets and local business practices. 

Our dedicated team will ensure you find the perfect franchise for your needs, so do not hesitate to message us for a free consultation. We can guide you every step of the way in your E2 visa application.

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