Can My E2 Visa Get Rejected?

E2 Visa Rejection

Yes, E2 visa applications can be rejected for various reasons.

The United States has a detailed visa policy. Each application undergoes careful review with common consular interviews, making the process meticulous and sometimes frustrating for applicants. If your E2 visa application is denied, it can be disappointing and confusing.

Consider This Factors To Avoid E2 Visa Rejection

1. Neglecting filing requirements

Ensure you follow all filing procedures and meet legal requirements meticulously.

2. Insufficient investment

Your investment in the U.S. enterprise must be considered substantial and meet the required threshold.

3. Inconsistencies in application

Avoid discrepancies or inconsistencies in the information provided.

4. Lack of qualifications or experience

Demonstrate the necessary skills and experience to successfully manage and direct the enterprise.

5. Marginal business

Your enterprise should have the potential for growth and job creation beyond providing income for you and your family.

6. Weak ties to home country

Show strong ties to your home country to assure the consular officer of your intention to return after your visa expires.

7. Criminal record or illegal residency

Avoid issues related to criminal convictions or prior illegal residence in the U.S.

To increase your chances of approval, work with an experienced immigration attorney who can guide you through the process and help you build a strong application. Remember that even with a meticulous application, visa denials can still occur, but professional assistance can minimize the risks and maximize your chances of success. If you are looking for a wide-range immigration lawyer recommendation or looking for the right investment, consult for free here.

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