Automotive Franchise For E-2 Visa

Is an automotive franchise a good business for E-2 visa investment?

Yes, a car-related or automotive franchise is a viable option for the E-2 visa.

The biggest reason for this is the U.S. has one of the largest automotive industries in the world, second only to China. The industry comprises auto manufacturing, retail, parts, suppliers, car wash and detailing, and maintenance.

Automotive franchises encompass many businesses related to vehicles, parts, and services. These franchises allow entrepreneurs to enter the U.S. automotive market with the support and resources of an established brand.

Here are some of the popular automotive franchise types you can consider:

1. Car dealership

This franchise type offers new or used vehicles from specific manufacturers. Dealerships often also offer repair and maintenance services.

2. Auto repair service

This franchise type provides repair and maintenance services for vehicles, such as but not limited to brake repairs, oil changes, and engine diagnostics.

3. Car wash and detailing service

This franchise type offers car wash and detailing services that aim to deep clean and polish the interior and exterior appearance of vehicles.

4. Mobile mechanic service

This franchise type focuses on convenience and provides on-site automotive repair and maintenance services wherever the client is.

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