Types of business eligible for E-2 visa

Business Eligible For E-2 Visa

Suppose you are a national of a treaty country and interested in starting or buying a business in the U.S. In that case, the E-2 visa is a brilliant option if you can meet the requirements and have substantial capital to invest.

There is no restriction on what type of business eligible for E-2 visa that you can establish in the U.S. It only needs to be legitimate, meet the proportionality test (substantial visa investment amount), scale or grow to extend your visa indefinitely, and be profitable. You must also have at least 50% ownership of the business. While there is no fixed requirement for job creation, the business should be able to create opportunities for U.S. workers. It is crucial to remember this since the business cannot just exist solely to support you and your family or to gain the E-2 visa.

Thus, the type of business eligible for E-2 visa you want to pursue is up to you if you meet those requirements. Ideally, you must align your business to your expertise or experience so you can have an easier time proving that you can run its operations and scale it.

Here are common business eligible for E-2 visa opportunities:

  • Auto repair

  • Auto detailing

  • Bakery

  • Bar or pub

  • Cafe or coffee shop

  • Catering

  • Cleaning

  • Clothing manufacturing or distribution

  • Construction or renovation

  • Consulting services in any sector

  • Fast-casual restaurant

  • Grocery or convenience store

  • Real estate services

  • Retail

  • Technology

…and more!

You can also buy a franchise in any industry to leverage its existing customer following, brand recognition, and other advantages. With a franchise, you will have a business eligible for E-2 visa and ready to operate with an existing business model or process and have the franchisor’s support for guidance.

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