How long is the processing time for E-2 visa?

Processing Time For E-2 Visa

It typically ranges from several weeks to five or six months.

While the USCIS does not specify or guarantee a specified processing period for the E-2 visa, we have experienced a quicker E-2 visa and a longer processing time. It can increase or decrease based on various factors. It also depends on the country you are applying from since U.S. consulates and embassies in different countries handle varying volumes of visa applications, thus resulting in different processing time for E-2 visa applications.

Limited staffing can also contribute to delays in processing and the complexity of security or background checks and bilateral relations and reciprocity between your home country and the U.S. Some countries may have a more streamlined information-sharing process, which can expedite the process.

To circumvent longer processing time for E-2 visa countries with higher volumes of applications, you may opt for premium processing time for E-2 visa to expedite your application and receive a decision within 15 days. Premium or expedited processing time for E-2 visa costs an additional \$2,500, so deciding if it is necessary for your circumstance is best. Note that paying for premium processing time for E-2 visa does not necessarily guarantee visa approval; it merely decreases your waiting time. It will still depend on the U.S. consular officer’s decision on whether you are eligible following a thorough evaluation of your application, documents, and interview.

It is recommended to contact the U.S. embassy or consulate where you will be applying or consult with your immigration lawyer to obtain accurate and updated information on your E-2 visa process, as it can be subject to change.

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