Essential E2 Visa Interviews Documents: A Checklist for 2024

Essential Documents To Bring

Getting a consulate interview is a step away from getting your E2 visa approval. It is one of the key steps that you need to succeed in order to build your business in America. To ensure a smooth process at the consulate, make sure that you bring all of the documents needed:

1. Confirmation page of the DS-160 application form

You need to bring the DS-160 confirmation page that you have submitted before. You can download the DS-160 form here.

2. Completed Form DS-156E

Bring the completed Form DS-156E, known as Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader / Investor Application. You can download the form here

3. Your passport

Bring your passport and make sure that it has at least a six months validity.

4. One 5 x 5 cm color photograph

Make sure that the photo follows the USCIS requirements, such as using plain white or off-white background and no eyeglasses. You can find the rest of the requirements here

5. Evidence of previously issued U.S. visas

If you previously have a US visa, you must also bring it. 

6. A job description letter

This letter includes a description of the business and your role. Make sure that you outline an active and hands-on role.

7. Organizational chart

Prepare a document inside your business plan to outline the organizational chart and your role in that chart. This is to showcase your involvement in the business as well as how the business will be conducted.

8. Curriculum vitae or resume

Prepare a complete resume with your background, qualifications, as well as past experiences. It would be great if you could highlight relevant past experience or skillset related to the E2 business.

9. A copy of educational certificates, diplomas, and/or transcripts

This is to showcase your skill, qualifications, as well as experience. 

10. A copy of the approval letter for the registered treaty company

This document is needed in order to show that the business is active and running. It is important that you have an escrow agreement to protect your investment in case your visa is denied.

11. A signed letter on intent to depart US

Make sure to sign and put a date on the intent to depart statement. This letter is to ensure that you will depart from the United States upon the termination of your E2 visa legal status.

12. A photocopy of the I-797

An I-797 form or known as a Notice of Action, authorizing the change of status granted by USCIS if residing in the U.S. without a valid E visa

You can visit here to learn more about E2 visa documents.

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Mastering E2 Visa Interview Preparation: 4 Tips for Organizing Your Documents

Bags or sealed envelopes are restricted in the US embassy. Hence, here are some recommendations that we advise our clients:

1. Organize the documents in clear folder

After you have collected all the essential documents, it is advisable to arrange them in a clear transparent folder. Doing so will facilitate the consulate officer’s review of your paperwork and may create a favorable impression.

2. Translate the documents into English

If any of your documents are in a language other than English, you should have them translated by a professional translator. The translations should be accurate and include the translator’s certification.

3. Make sure the documents are printed properly

All the documents should be printed clearly, with a high-quality printer. This will ensure that the consulate officer can easily read and understand the information.

4. Make copies of the documents

Before the interview, you should make copies of all the documents and keep them in a separate folder. This can serve as a backup in case any of the original documents are lost or misplaced. Let us help and guide you to prepare for your E2 visa interview. Consult today for free here.

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