Can I buy properties in the US on E2 visa?

Buying A Properties In The US

Yes, individuals on a non-immigrant visa are allowed to buy properties in the US.

E2 visa holders are allowed to buy properties in the US and own properties such as a house in the United States. Generally, E2 visa holders can also obtain a mortgage to buy properties in the US.

However, note that when E2 visa holders buy properties in the US, it will not automatically permit the visa holder any immigration benefits or a pathway to obtaining a green card. Owning a property is separate from an individual’s immigration status. The E2 visa holder must still continue to meet the requirements of the E2 visa to continue their legal stay in the US.

After the E2 visa expires or if the bona fide US enterprise fails, thereby preventing an extension, the treaty investor or visa holder must either leave the US or find an alternative immigration option to maintain lawful status. If unable to legally stay in the US, they may have to sell the property or make arrangements for its rental or management while residing outside the US.

It is vital to comply with all necessary laws and regulations, especially when it comes to buy properties in the US and their taxation. It is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney or E2 visa consultant for tailored guidance based on your circumstance. Message us for a free consultation.

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