Getting US E2 Investor Visa

Investment Requirements for E2 Visa Investor

To obtain a US E2 visa as a visa investor, there isn't a specific minimum investment amount outlined in the immigration regulations.

Instead, the focus of visa investor is to invest a substantial amount in a legitimate business in the United States.

This means your investment should be significant enough to demonstrate your commitment to the success of the business, whether it’s through purchasing the enterprise or ensuring its growth.

While having an investment of over $100,000 can enhance your chances of approval for visa investor, it’s still possible to qualify with a lower amount. The required investment can vary depending on the industry and business structure. For lower-cost businesses, you might not need to meet the \$60,000 threshold. Even with a lesser investment as a visa investor, you can show it is substantial by comparing it to what’s typically required for success in that industry.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer regarding E2 visa minimum investment. It hinges on factors like the type of business, industry, and location. For tailored guidance on your situation and visa investor franchise opportunities, please consult with our immigration and franchise experts at E2VisaFranchises.

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