Stay in the US with E-2 visa Length

Period Of Stay In The US Under E-2 Visa

The period of stay in the US is two years.

The E-2 visa’s validity typically ranges from three months to five years, depending on your nationality. On the other hand, the period of stay is the duration of your stay in the US, which is two years. This means your stay in the US should be in increments of two years. The most common method that E-2 visa holders use to renew their stay is by exiting and re-entering the US, granting the principal visa holder and their dependents another two years upon re-entry.

The E-2 visa can be renewed indefinitely. Ensure that your business performs well for a high chance of renewal. After all, E-2 visas are first granted based on projections, but renewals will be based on real performance. You must demonstrate that your business is profitable, growing, hiring employees, and progressing to continued success.

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