What Is the E2 Visa Processing Time in Canada?

How soon is E2 visa processing time in Canada?

Generally the E2 visa processing time in Canada takes around 3 to 4 months.

The E2 visa processing time in Canada can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and external factors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, consulates worldwide, including the U.S. consulates in Canada, experienced substantial backlogs and extensive delays in visa processing. Clients who submitted E-2 applications in early 2021 reported waiting between 7 and 10 months before attending their visa interviews.

Under normal circumstances, the E2 visa processing time in Canada averages around three to four months for the processing and interview stage. After the initial review, the Consulate will schedule an interview with the applicant. If the E2 visa is approved, it may take up to a week for the visa to be issued. If you have any questions about E2 visa processing time in Canada or if you are looking for the best franchise for your E2 investment, click here to consult.

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