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E2 Visa Franchise Business Plan Writing

We have a 100% E2 visa approval rate

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One-On-One Consultation

Before drafting the business plan, it is important to get to know you and your business to understand what is your strength and goals fully.

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Industry Analysis & Market Research

We are doing all the leg work and doing deep research that will outline key trends and market demand.

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We will develop marketing, hiring, and operational strategy to create business opportunities. Our goal is to make your business stand out in the market.

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Financial Plan

From financial models to projections, we get all covered. We will ensure that your financial plan is comprehensive and tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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Our offering also includes design services to ensure that your business plan is communicated correctly through visual elements.

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Expert Team

Our team speak English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. You will also get a free lawyer review to ensure that the plan is legally compliant.

OUR process

You will get a comprehensive and personalized business plan catered to your business within 10 business days.


Your E2 Visa Business Plan Expert

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With over 1,600 successful E2 Visa Business Plans completed since 2004, Jean-David is a renowned specialist in the field. He provides personalized guidance and insights into the evaluation process by U.S. immigration officers for E-2 applications.

Our team’s extensive experience spans 19 years and various industries, including technology, finance, real estate, services, distribution, retail, and automotive. We offer expertise in strategy development, financial modeling, accounting, branding, market research, digital marketing, and M&A and fundraising. Our comprehensive understanding to provide the highest level of support for your E2 visa business plan needs.


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Our Goal:
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We are committed to delivering results, even in cases where obtaining approval for an E-2 visa may be particularly challenging.

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