E2 Visa Applicants: Why Attending Franchise Show is Crucial for Successful Investments

Discover why attending a franchise show is essential for E2 visa applicants looking to invest in a franchise business. Learn, network, and compare franchise opportunities to make informed investment decisions.

What is Franchise Show?

Why Should E2 Visa Applicants Attend?

A franchise show is an event where franchise owners (franchisors) who grant franchises and individuals or businesses from around the world interested in owning franchises (franchisees) mingle and discuss business opportunities. A franchise show typically features franchisors from various industries looking for interested or potential franchisees. It is where attending entrepreneurs can learn about franchises, meet with different franchisors, attend seminars and workshops, participate in various activities, network, and gather information about franchise ownership. It typically features presenters, speakers, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and exhibits showcasing franchise opportunities.

As an E2 visa applicant looking to invest in a franchise business in the United States, attending a franchise show can be a valuable investment of time and resources. These events allow you to learn more about the franchise industry and connect with franchisors and other professionals who can help you make informed investment decisions.

First and foremost, the franchise show allows you to meet face-to-face with representatives from different franchise systems. This is a chance to ask questions, gather information, and get a sense of the franchisor’s business model and culture. You can also network with other attendees, including franchisees and industry experts, to gain further insights and perspectives.

Another advantage of attending franchise shows is the ability to compare and contrast different franchise opportunities side-by-side. This can help you identify commonalities and differences among franchisors, such as initial investment costs, ongoing fees, training and support programs, and growth potential. By evaluating multiple franchises, you can make a more informed decision about which one is the best fit for your investment goals, skills, and interests.

The franchise show also provides a platform for learning about industry trends, innovations, and best practices. You can attend seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in franchising and gain insights from thought leaders in the industry.

For E2 visa applicants, attending a franchise show can also help demonstrate to the U.S. Consulate that you have done your due diligence and have a clear plan for investing in a franchise business. By having conversations with franchisors and other industry professionals, you can demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of the franchise opportunity and are committed to its success.

Attending franchise shows as an E2 visa applicant is an important step in the investment process. By meeting with franchisors, networking with industry professionals, comparing franchise opportunities, and learning about industry trends, you can make a more informed investment decision and demonstrate your commitment to the success of your franchise business.

One of the best franchise shows that you can attendĀ The International Franchise Show, the United Kingdom’s largest exhibition for the most exciting franchise opportunities worldwide. It is a major annual event at ExCeL, London, to bring franchisors, franchisees, and other industry professionals and businesspersons worldwide to provide them a platform to network, learn, and explore business opportunities. It hosts overĀ 250 franchisesĀ in over twenty-five industry sectors, showcasing the largest selection in the entire country, and attracts over 10,000 entrepreneurs yearly.

The 2018 NatWest survey estimates the franchise industry to be worth Ā£17.2 billion in the U.K., employing 710,000 people with as little as less than one percent of franchisors closing due to commercial failure per year, making it one of theĀ most profitable industriesĀ in the country. Franchising has continued to expand in the U.K., as influenced by the growth of businesses from other countries, such as the U.S., expanding their operations worldwide through franchising.

A franchise show filled with many attendant

What to expect when attending a franchise show?

A panel discussion with 3 speakers at a franchise show

Making the Most of Franchise Shows: Tips for E2 Visa Applicants

Here are the things to do at the franchise show:

Panel Discussions

There are usually hourly panel discussions with experts in different fields debating certain topics and covering these topics’ present and future challenges in various industries. The panel discussions are a great opportunity to connect with experts in a Q&A. For example, in the 2023 International Franchise Show, they cover topics such as:

  • The franchise model, its different varieties, and what they should all contain

  • Going into business for yourself, not by yourself ā€“ meet franchisees who have taken the plunge

  • Which type of franchise is right for me? management, hands-on, lifestyle

  • Funding ā€“ what are the options?

  • Understanding the legalities, the franchise agreement, and more

  • Exit strategies and franchise resales

  • Becoming a multi-unit owner

  • International franchising


Seminars are a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in diving deeper into a certain endeavor. There are many seminars available for franchisees or potential franchisees looking to learn more about various topics about franchises and businesses.

Coffee and Networking Area

The franchise show is accommodated with a cafe or networking spot, which is the perfect place to pull up a chair, grab a bite to eat, and network with other entrepreneurs. It is an open space for all visitors and exhibitors, where people can hang out to connect, exchange business cards and contact details, and engage with others.

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Benefits of Attending Franchise Shows for E2 Visa Applicants

What can you get from attending a franchise show?

Access to Multiple Franchisors

SinceĀ franchise eventsĀ gather various franchisors in one place, they can be a perfect opportunity for those looking to meet various franchisors in different industries. This makes it easy for attendees to compare and contrast different franchise opportunities, thus helping them find the best franchise type and franchisor to match their interests, financial resources, and skills. Furthermore, franchise shows are a great way to meet franchisors face-to-face, which is a different, more personal experience than researching online. This is important since choosing a company to trust with a large investment takes work.

Educational Seminars, Workshops, and Activities

Franchise events often involve educational seminars, workshops, and activities on helpful topics like legal considerations, marketing strategies, and franchise financing. These educational sessions can benefit attendees since they increase their understanding of the franchise industry and provide awareness of certain challenges that can arise. They can also help interested franchisees identify lucrative opportunities in franchise ownership.

Networking Opportunities

Franchise shows are a great event to network with other franchisees and industry professionals, where attendees can share the best practices, experiences, and insights on franchise ownership. The event is a great way to organize like-minded individuals and showcase many business opportunities in one location. Attendees benefit from finding new business partners, creating business relationships, and learning useful information.

Discovering New Trends

Franchise shows often feature exciting and emerging industry trends, giving attendees valuable insight into the latest technologies and strategies that successful franchises utilize. Likewise, keen entrepreneurs can learn the latest trends there, which might help them understand their customer base better or come up with interesting ideas for new opportunities.

Attending a franchise show is a crucial step for E2 visa applicants. However, if you are unable to travel to the city where the franchise show is located, we can assist you. We have an abundance of franchises to choose from for various budgets, locations, and industries.

If you’re interested in learning more about investing in a franchise business as an E2 visa applicant, contact us today. Our team of experts can help guide you through the investment process, from identifying franchise opportunities to preparing your E2 visa application. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step toward achieving your investment goals.

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