Is it okay if I work for other company while on E-2 visa?

Am I allowed to work for other company?

While E-2 dependent spouses can work for other company in the U.S. by obtaining employment authorization, the same cannot be said for the principal E-2 investor visa holder. You are not eligible to work for other company.

As an E-2 investor, you are generally only permitted to work at the company approved by the USCIS when you apply for your E-2 visa. Remember that your primary purpose in the U.S. is to develop and direct or manage your bona fide U.S. enterprise. Hence, doing work for other company might take your energy and effort in focusing in the E-2 business.

Any substantive change to your work will need to be pre-approved by filing an amended petition with the USCIS along with updated documentation. However, to work for other company’s subsidiary or parent company will not be considered a substantive change if you previously provided information about this parent-subsidiary relationship during the initial E-2 application, thus demonstrating that the subsidiary company qualified as an E-2 company.

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