Is the E2 visa business a good option?

E2 Visa Business For Entrepreneurs

The E2 visa is a popular and one of the best options for entrepreneurs looking to enter the U.S. market.

It is specifically designed for treaty investors seeking to invest in, establish, and manage a bona fide enterprise in the U.S. Here are some reasons why the E2 visa is a prime option for entrepreneurs:

1. Investment flexibility

Rather than requiring a specific amount, E2 investments are evaluated based on proportionality, unlike other visa categories. It only requires investments to be substantial and sufficient to start and operate the E2 visa business; thus, what is considered substantial would depend on the nature of the E2 visa business.

2. Renewable

The E2 visa can be renewed indefinitely. The only requirement is the E2 visa business must remain operational and profitable and continue to meet the visa requirements.

3. Dependents

Primary E2 visa holders can bring their spouse and children (under 21) as dependents. These dependents can work and study in the U.S.

4. No labor certification

Unlike employment-based visas, the E2 visa does not require this lengthy process.

5. Faster processing

The E2 visa tends to be processed much faster than other visa categories, such as the EB5.

6. Business control

The E2 visa requires the primary visa holder to have control and involvement in the enterprise’s daily operations, compared to other visa options like the EB5, which does not require the primary visa holder to manage the business extensively.

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