The E-2 visa length?

E-2 Visa Length Of Validity

The length of validity of an E-2 visa varies based on your nationality and can range from three months to five years.

This timeframe is often called the reciprocity period, determined by the treaty between your country and the United States.

For example, citizens of countries like Italy and the UK can benefit from an E-2 visa length duration of up to 5 years, while citizens of Jordan are issued a maximum three-month E-2 visa for a single entry.

Take note that the validity period of your E-2 visa length does not determine how long you can stay in the United States. Upon entry, you can stay for two years at a time, regardless of the visa’s validity.

After the initial two-year period, you have the option to renew the E-2 visa for another two years by exiting and re-entering the US. There is no limit to the number of extensions you can obtain. For more information about the E-2 visa length of your treaty country or E-2 visa investment, contact us here.

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