What is the current E-2 visa processing time in UK?

An Overview Of The E-2 Visa Processing Time In The UK

On average, the E-2 visa processing time in UK can range between two weeks to up to 4 months.

The processing time for a US E-2 visa application in the UK varies. Factors such as consular workload and application volumeĀ contribute to the processing duration.

While there have been impacts on visa issuances due to the pandemic, signs of recovery are emerging, and the UK is expected to regain its position as one of the leading countries for E-2 visas in Europe. Applicants can apply for a US E-2 visa through the US Embassy in London or the Consulate General in Belfast.

It is recommended to regularly check for changes regarding the E-2 visa processing time in UK procedures to stay updated and ensure a smooth application process.

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