E2 Visa Treaty Country: Armenia

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Armenia treaty country flag
E2 Country SinceVisa Length
March 29, 19965 Years
Population: 2.78 million

The number of E2 visas issued during the pandemic was stable despite the slow down before the pandemic. We are optimistic that it can rise again.

The E2 visa has an 89% success rate, making E2 one of the best visas to obtain. To learn more about E2 Visa, you can click here.

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E2 Visa Issued Globally

E2 Visa Issued & Rejected 2022

E2 Visa Issued in Armenia

U.S. Embassy in Yerevan
1 American Avenue
Yerevan 0082, Republic of Armenia
Telephone: (+37410) 464-700
Fax: (+37410) 464-742

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