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We have Tutoring Franchises Compliant with the E2 Visa
The private tutoring market in the US is set to grow USD 8.37 billion progressing at a CAGR of almost 8% during 2021-2025.

Source: Technavio


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WHO we are

What makes us different?  We have worked on E-2 visas for the last 17 years.  We work with franchisors we know have the right credentials and whose franchises are eligible for the E-2 visa.

Best in the beusiness when it comes to Tutoring Franchise

E-2 Visa Expertise

We have worked daily on E-2 visas for the last 17 years. As such, we have an in-depth expertise in terms of the in and out of E-2 visa eligibility.

Franchise E-2 Compliance

We consistently evaluate franchises against the E-2 visa requirements using our long lasting experience in the field.

WE ARE Here every steps of the way

Applying for an E-2 visa is a long process. We have here with you assisting you during the entire E-2 visa application process. 

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For the e2 visa

Franchisees do not need to be tutors themselves or have any specific educational or teaching qualifications. Our franchisor business models allow franchisees to personally engage their own team of degree-qualified tutors.

Tutors may be specialists in academic subjects at any level of the school curriculum or may be vocational tutors who specialise in subjects like art, music or drama.

It is all left to the franchisee to work out what they are comfortable with.

Many students use tutors to better their chances of admission into a preferred college or university as competition for admission to the top universities in the United States intensifies.

The industry has also benefited from growth in the number of K-12 students, who are anticipated to make up an estimated 87.4% of industry revenue in 2020. 

Elementary school students represent the largest market for services offered by the Tutoring and Test Preparation Franchises industry, accounting for an estimated 52.5% of revenue in 2020. 

The geographic spread of the Tutoring and Test Preparation Franchises industry is consistent with the population distribution in the United States, and therefore, establishments are generally located in heavily populated regions. Industry operators tend to be located closer to areas with many academic institutions. 

Demand for tutoring and test preparation is also influenced by per capita disposable income. Thus, more establishments are located in areas with higher disposable income.

Industry franchises must establish a¬†reputation for quality, which is highly attractive to students seeking direct results from test preparation. At the same time, parents that seek tutoring services for their children also consider a company’s reputation when investing in the future of their¬†children. As a result, industry operators must hire highly skilled employees that are experts in the fields that they tutor. Also, instructors must be highly proficient in effectively teaching their respective subjects.¬†

Improving economic conditions and rising student enrollment are expected to propel revenue for the Tutoring and Test Preparation Franchises industry forward over the five years to 2025. 

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